Get help with your career
Changing your career requires not just technical skills, but also professional skills. BloomTech's curriculum has built-in career development, so you can enter the job market confident and prepared. With the support of BloomTech's Career Team, you can:
Learn career skills throughout the curriculum
Get help from Career Coaches at any point
Work 1:1 with Career Trainers on your job search
Hear from a variety of industry experts
Working with Career Coaches
To get in touch, email and get a direct response from a coach within 24 hours. Once you hit the Job Search you can attend daily office hours, work with technical coaches for tech interview preparation, and work closely with YOUR assigned career coach.

Meet the Career Coaches
Career Coaches can help you:
Define your career plan
Create your application materials
Practice for interviews
Learn how to follow-up after interviews
Negotiate your salary
Succeed on the job
Working with Job Search Trainers
Job Search Trainers work with you directly on your job search and will help you create a job searching strategy that fits your needs. They have experience reaching out to thousands of companies who are hiring junior developers.

Meet the Job Search Trainers
Career Trainers can help you:
Build a personalized job search plan
Get and keep the attention of recruiters
Help you stay on track with your job search goals
Refer you to Career Coaches for support
Get 1:1 interview practice
Technical and behavioral interview practice is integrated throughout BloomTech. You must pass a technical and a behavioral interview to be eligible for graduation. Get extra 1:1 interview practice by meeting with one of our interview experts.

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More from the Careers Team
Brown Bags
Brown Bags are events featuring speakers who are experts in their field. They cover a range of themes on various technical, career, and personal development topics. Upcoming Brown Bags are shared in the #brownbag channel in Slack.
Get 1:1 Help
For career help, simply contact /frontdesk and someone will reach out within 24 business hours. Join #career_help to get access to all our career service offerings, including office hours for 1:1 meetings.

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Meet the Careers Team
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Career Coach
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Katie Spencer
Job Search Trainer
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